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forever evolving, the gigography provides a fairly comprehensive overview of mogwai's touring history and radio sessions. setlists, support acts, reviews, photos are always welcome.

we'd like to thank everyone who has contributed, particularly mogwai and colin.

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additional notes on live appearances

mogwai started life as a trio (stuart - guitar, dominic - bass, martin - drums). first rehearsal - 26th june 1995 - stuart's parents living room. mogwai played their first three gigs with this line-up prior to the addition of john cummings on second guitar. they were joined, for a chaotic four months in mid-1997, by brendan o'hare (formerly of teenage fanclub and telstar ponies). the line-up returned to a four-piece following brendan's departure. the final line-up change was the arrival of barry burns on keys/guitar, making his first appearances on 18th sept 1998, at caird hall, dundee (the only one of the manics support shows he played), in newcastle on 29th october 1998, and every show since.

*update* - in november 2015, it was announced that john cummings had left mogwai after 20 years. he was replaced initially by scott paterson, formerly of sons & daughters, for five shows at the end of 2015. alex mackay stepped in from the start of touring in 2016, and at the time of writing (august 2021) has played every show since.

principal roles:
stuart braithwaite - guitar, effects, vocals, second drumkit at many shows pre-2000
dominic aitchison - bass
john cummings - guitar, effects, laptop
martin bulloch - drums, percussion
barry burns - keyboards, synth, laptop, vocals, guitar, bass

intrument swapping:
'helicon 1' - stuart plays bass, dominic plays guitar
'a place for parks' - stuart plays bass, dominic plays guitar
'helps both ways' - stuart plays bass, dominic plays guitar
'ithica 279' - john plays bass, dominic plays guitar
'rollerball' - john plays bass, dominic plays guitar

luke sutherland (violin, guitar) and caroline barber (cello) have been regular contributors to the mogwai live experience. david jack, mogwai's guitar tech, has stood in for john on occasions due to illness, particularly during the run of 'curiosa' shows in 2004. graeme ronald (remember remember) toured with mogwai as a multi-instrumentalist in the first half of 2006. james hamilton (errors) stood in for martin behind the drumkit on the april/may 2011 north american tour.

beyond the live mix, mogwai's soundmen contribute in various ways to their shows - triggering the opening percussion loop on 'superheroes of bmx', for example (at one point, this was being done from an ipod). michael brennan jr makes great use of the sound desk during the 'noise' sections at the end of shows, panning intruments from one speaker to another for example.

mogwai have played with their support acts throughout their career, and have also invited members of the same bands to participate in mogwai sets. the bands involved - bardo pond, aerial m, godspeed you black emperor, arab strap, super furry animals...the list goes on. all five band members have also dj-ed at their own shows, rock action club nights and other events.

various members of mogwai (including the whole band on at least two occasions) joined bardo pond onstage "to ruin their song tommy gun angel" (thanks dominic). stuart and barry joined arab strap during their set at reading festival, august 1999.

stuart - prior to mogwai, stuart played guitar in deadcat motorbike (who played their last gig at the old 13th note bar in glasgow in mid-june 1995 - see list of known deadcat motorbike shows at the bottom of this page) and played drums for eska (last appearance - glasgow arches, mon 3rd june 1996, supporting rocket from the crypt). he also drummed for mighty joe young trio, who existed briefly in 2000 and played at least one show, supporting papa m in glasgow. stuart performed solo acoustic in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2007 and 2010, as well as playing guitar for papa m in 2001 and joining godspeed you black emperor! on stage in glasgow in 1999. stuart presumably played live as part of stratospheric love hippies and psychocat, his school bands whilst attending strathaven academy secondary school in scotland.

"my favourite shows were 1) santiago 2002, 2) astoria 1997 and 3) glastonbury 1999" - stuart, july 2008.
other shows mentioned by members of the band as being 'good' include london astoria (oct 2003, night 2) and primavera sound (may 2003).

john - regularly does live sound for part chimp, bardo pond, errors and stuart's solo shows. played bass for part chimp in 2004. he was also a member of violin death and ascii.

martin - played drums for bardo pond in 2003 and joined godspeed you black emperor! on stage in glasgow in 1999.

dominic - played guitar with isis in the us and joined godspeed you black emperor! on stage in glasgow in 1999. dominic was also the bassist with crippled black phoenix and played numerous shows with them in 2007 and 2008. a further project stage blood (with former members of eska and chris summerlin) commenced writing in 2008. first live show took place on 12th dec 2008 (stereo, glasgow) and recording sessions were undertaken but no music has been released.

barry - briefly in the law with dave gow (arab strap's drummer) (see photo below) and junior funktion. has appeared with the delgados and arab strap.

deadcat motorbike live shows

this list is certainly incomplete.

8th may 1994 - nice 'n' sleazy, glasgow the list archive
29th sept 1994 - 13th note, glasgow the list archive
27th oct 1994 - nice 'n' sleazy, glasgow the list archive
22nd nov 1994 - 13th note, glasgow the list archive
2nd feb 1995 - subway, cowgate, edinburgh [with trout] the list archive
16th feb 1995 - arena, oswald st, glasgow the list archive
21st feb 1995 - 13th note, glasgow the list archive
31st march 1995 - arena, oswald st, glasgow the list archive
6th april 1995 - 13th note, glasgow the list archive
7th may 1995 - the venue, edinburgh [with trumans water and wormhole] the list archive
11th may 1995 - under ventura, kin street, glasgow the list archive
9th june 1995 - nice 'n' sleazy, glasgow [with trour, pink kross, the blisters] the list archive