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mogwai artzine 2009 december 2009

click on the images for full-size versions

noah anderson

styrofoam block print, ink on paper

audun guneriussen

digipack layout for "the hawk is howling"

seb m

work from 'individuals' exhibition held at white house, glasgow between 17th and 31st october 2009.

taking inspiration from the violence and noise of the «crash tests», individuals raises a paradox: immersing the spectators in a dark but silent and contemplative atmosphere by confronting them with a series of works that play on physical impact. the reference to anthropomorphic test devices (known as crash test dummies) serves as a pretext to emphasize the individual aspect of the human body and to show its fragile condition. although industrially produced, they reveal here their uniqueness.

all the images are extracted from video pieces about crash tests. i printed them in a small scale and drew on top of them. then i gave the images to print on a very large scale, drew back on top of them and painted with different layers of wood varnishes giving a nice matt transparent finish. the foot is a casting plaster covered in blue chalk.

over the passed 10 years i developed a work that is highly inspired by mogwai. i try to create an atmosphere that is close to mogwai's one. so it's not an illustration of their music but more a parallel, an attempt to make the spectators feel through images, still (prints) or moving (videos), a similar impression, sensation of their dramatic epic beautiful music and its impact on me. as an artist, i've also been inspired not only by their music but by their attitude. i don't know them personnaly but their position on the music scene and a constant effort to affirm their uniqueness is for me what should creation be.

tiffany naugler

live photos taken in montreal, 3rd may 2009

rik rawling

'i'm jim morrison, i'm dead' is one of the favourite mogwai songs, and one that demanded a visual interpretation. i quickly dismissed the obvious depiction of morrison's grave in pierre la chase, and tried to draw from my own experiences an image that i felt best captured the mood evoked my the music. clearly there's an allusion to the nature of morrison's death, but as the band aren't really commenting on him in the song, i'm not making any explicit connection either. for me, the song is a melancholic meditation on the nature of loss and regret, of the passing of time and opportunities squandered.

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