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please mail rob or iain if you have any mogwai news or rumours that are not reported here.

it would have happened anyway 14/03/08

to mark our tenth anniversary, and in an effort to bring at least some sense of modernity to this old house of ours, brightlight is proud to announce the launch of the brightlight blog:

as of now, this will replace our long-suffering news pages, the main advantages being that (for you) we now have a news feed you can subscribe to and (for me) news can be updated online (i know, i know, we should have done this five years ago etc etc).

if you have this news page bookmarked, please use: from now on. this page will stay where it is but won't be updated after today. the rest of the site will continue to function as it has done for the last ten years. i've added a few relevant links to the blog already, please let me know if there's any other pages you use regularly and would like to see linked.

comments, suggestions, gripes to rob.


london 14/03/08


hello everyone.

we've a new date to announce, london this time. see the details below;

12th may 2008

queen elizabeth hall, london
w/remember remember plus very special guest
tickets go on sale at 10am tuesday 18th march.
box office details: 0871 663 2500 and
tickets are £20 plus booking fee

ticketholders will get a rock action compilation too...


triptych 12/03/08

second confirmed mogwai show of 2008:

triptych festival, tramway, glasgow, 26th april
support from clinic, dirty projectors, malcolm middleton, errors, frightened rabbit, magik markers, correcto, rememberremember
doors 3pm, tickets £21 (follow the link above)

crippled black phoenix have a short french tour lined up for 5th-9th april, details on the gigs page.


rock action update 12/03/08 has details on a substantial number of uk shows over the next few weeks, including six dates in april supporting 65daysofstatic.

update: and six shows with forward russia, also in april.

errors debut album 'itís not something, but it is like whatever' is due for release in june on rock action.


  • dance music
  • national prism
  • salut! france
  • still game
  • toes
  • crystal maze
  • cutlery drawer (feat. george pringle)
  • pump
  • the bagpipes
  • a lot of the things you don't isn't

    in further rock action news, kling klang have bagged the support slot on a substantial chunk of portishead's european tour, and have also slotted in a number of uk and irish dates.

    and, as mentioned below, there's a rock action compilation cd covermounted on april's plan b magazine, including a brand new and exclusive mogwai track, 'dracula family', and thirteen other hits from the label's back catalogue and forthcoming releases. this should be in the shops on 7th april. direct mailorder available from the plan b magazine website.


    keep an eye out for the april issue of plan b magazine as there's a covermounted rock action compilation on there featuring brand new material from errors, part chimp, james orr complex, mogwai as well as giving you introductions to newer additions to the label like trout, remember remember and desalvo.


  • 'myt' reissue - bonus disc tracklist 10/03/08

    from chemikal underground:

    mogwai young team - remastered and augmented by additional disc of material

    we told you that we had given young team a bit of a reworking and we weren't kidding. the original album has been remastered and tweaked and will now (and until the end of time) come to you in a 2cd format with another cd of young team era recordings nestling alongside the album proper. the second cd tracklisting is as follows...

    1. 'untitled' [previously unreleased track from the young team sessions - summer of 1997]
    2. 'i don't know what to say' [from the young team sessions - originally released on radio 1 sound city cd (nme 1998)]
    3. 'i can't remember' [originally released on 'glasgow' compilation 7" by plastic cowboy 1998]
    4. 'honey' [originally released on a spacemen 3 tribute by rocketgirl in 1998]
    5. 'katrien (live)' [recorded live at lounge ax, chicago 15th october, 1997]
    6. 'r u still in 2 it (live)' [recorded live for the mary anne hobbs show, bbc radio 1, 28th october, 1997]
    7. 'like herod (live)' [recorded live at t in the park, strathclyde country park, summer 1997]
    8. 'summer (priority) (live)' [recorded live at wnyu , new york city, 1998 should be 1997]
    9. 'mogwai fear satan (live)' [recorded live at chemikal underground's 5th birthday party: the garage, glasgow, for the john peel show, bbc radio 1, 12th march, 2000]

    in more good news for you vinyl enthusiasts out there, we can also confirm that this pretty magnificent package will be available (for a limited period of time) on quadruple vinyl. we say again: quadruple vinyl - extravagant? it's all this album deserves to be honest...


    us tour - not spring 08 07/03/08

    we reported back in october that ground control touring (mogwai's us booking agent) were booking a mogwai tour for spring 2008. no dates have materialised, and their website has now been updated:

    time: late summer / early fall
    situation: festivals / headline dates


    'myt' reissue - further details 02/03/08

    from chemikal underground:

    'young team' gets tooled up through remastering

    we've just taken receipt of the newly remastered version of 'young team'and it's sounding rather mighty. not only have we improved the sound of mogwai's 1997 debut, we've also bolstered it with an additional cd of bonus tracks including phenomenal live performances from t in the park and chemikal underground's 5th birthday party; a bbc session version of r u still in 2 it? featuring aidan moffat; a rare spaceman 3 cover; a radio session track from wnyc and some other stuff that, well, we're not telling you about yet.

    we'll have a release date for you shortly but in the meantime you'll just have to wring your hands in sweaty anticpation....

    so the tracklist for the bonus cd reads (so far at least):

  • i don't know what to say
  • (one entirely new track)
  • r u still in 2 it? (mary anne hobbs session, 28/10/97)
  • honey (spacemen 3 cover)

    plus something from wnyu: gig190697.php

    the cu birthday party track (gig120300.php) must be 'mogwai fear satan'?


  • 10 01/03/08

    march 2008 marks brightlight's 10th anniversary. a quick check back to news0001.php reveals that the first news stories were posted in march 1998 (although the style of writing suggests there was a slightly earlier version of the site which no longer exists).

    i'd like to thank:
    tom houghton, iain eglinton and the vast number of people who've contributed to the site in all sorts of ways (news, gig reports, photos etc etc etc) - we wouldn't be here without you.
    those working in 'official' capacities who've helped us greatly - colin hardie, craig hargrave, nic shanks, neale smith, simon smith, michael and myk, john yates for starters.
    christian and cheggers for their work on the messageboard.

    and lastly but most importantly, mogwai. both for the music, and for the individual and collective support they've offered us over the years.


    last day 29/02/08


    right, here what's happening. today is our last day of recording with andy miller at chem 19. we're just mixing a song called 'dracula family' thats going to be on a rock action cover cd on plan b magazine in a few months. today we're going to try and remember if there's anything we've forgotten to do and then do it. we're mixing the album with gareth jones at castle of doom in a week and a half and then that should be us finished by april. so far it sounds really great but i would say that. sb


    cbp 2008 21/02/08

    2008 may be shaping up to be a very busy year for mogwai, but it looks likely to be an even busier year for dominic. justin greaves' blog at suggests that at least one new cbp album (possibly two?) is scheduled for release this year, possibly titled 'the resurrectionists'. 21 news songs and a cover version have been completed during sessions at the end of 2007 and start of 2008. a rough mix of one new track, 'whissendine', can be found at the myspace link above. there's also talk of a european tour in april/may.

    further news as we get it.


    the two albums come as a package. there's one album that is more "song"-orientated, shorter tracks with vocals and structure, then a complimentary album that is more like a soundtrack. one is called "the resurectionists" and the latter is titled "night raider". 21 tracks all together. the albums should be released around the end of may/june.

    thanks justin.


    ilosaarirock 15/02/08

    first confirmed mogwai show of 2008:

    ilosaarirock festival, joensuu, finland
    12th, 13th july 2008 (date tbc)


    chem19 09/02/08


    so that's us one week into our recording session with andy miller at chem 19 and i'm delighted to say that its going great. we'll also be announcing our first shows of 2008 in the next week or so. rock action is also preparing for a frenzy of activity too. the debut albums by errors and desalvo are currently getting finished up and we received the long awaited second record from james orr complex the other day too. i'm listening to it right now and its amazing. i also heard some new demos by part chimp and they are fantastic. aren't we lucky boys!


    errors album 07/02/08

    drowned in sound reports that errors debut album 'itís not something, but it is like whatever' is due for release 'in the spring' on rock action.


  • toes
  • salut! france
  • still game
  • dance music
  • cutlery drawer
  • a lot of the things you don't isn't
  • crystal maze
  • national prism
  • the bagpipes
  • pump

    affiliate simon ward added "and, instead of giving you a shite 30 second sneak preview, we've quite hilariously uploaded an entire track of just the hi-hats. we'll set up an honesty box, and you can decide how much you want to pay for this! go to the myspace player should you wish to listen to that."


  • 'myt' reissue update 09/01/08

    from chemikal underground:

    mogwai young team - uber remastered version with bonus tracks!!

    it's been ten years - believe it or not - but the impressive power of mogwai's debut album has not been diminished with age. we've been talking to the band and felt that it was time to remaster the album, augment the liner notes and include some extra tracks (eight to be precise) to create an anniversary version of young team that would manage to improve on the original while offering you guys value for money. the release is pencilled in for april depending on how the mastering sessions go but keep your eyes peeled for full tracklistings in due course....

    the news page also mentions that andy miller will be working with mogwai at chem 19 studio in february.


    mixing 04/01/08


    happy new year to you all from all of us mogwais. 2008 is setting itself as being a very busy year for us. this will be in stark contrast to 2007 which was pretty frustrating, idle and disappointing to be honest. next month we go into the studio to finish recording our record. its getting mixed in march and with any luck it'll be all done by the summer so that we can get back to playing concerts. i haven't had jet lag in ages, i can't wait!! tomorrow night i'm dj'ing at stereo in glasgow at the spectrum (sonic boom, ex spacemen 3) concert which should be fun. stuart b


    oscillation III 01/01/08


    --oscillation III - cd series--

    as of today the subscription slots for the "oscillation iii" cd series are available. subscribers will receive nine cds and a slipcase. the lineup for this series is (in alphabetical order) -

    bardo pond
    the bark haze
    tom carter
    howlin' rain
    magik markers
    michael flower band (mick flower + john moloney)
    lee ranaldo
    jack rose

    the slipcase for this particular series will boast new original art by robert beatty (of hair police - you may also know him as the artist of the killer front cover to our recent hassara cd release). as an added bonus, subscribers to "oscillation iii" will also receive (at no additional cost) a new and as-of-yet untitled cd (tlr-055) from the ever-potent vanishing voice.

    as with our two previous series, the series discs will not be available separately from three lobed. subscriptions are be $80 postpaid for subscriptions shipping to us addresses ($86 postpaid for subscriptions shipping to canada or mexico, $92 postpaid for subscriptions shipping to all other destinations). three lobed will have a strict limit of 550 complete subscriptions available. we currently anticipate shipping the first batch of discs in late february. the series as a whole is currently slated to ship over the course of two mailings. from what we have heard of the submissions so far, this one is going to be one killer ride. special questions? feel free to drop us a line...

    also forthcoming - bardo pond's vinyl-only 'batholith' album (with bonus cd of unreleased material for pre-orders):


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