bright light ! discog

lyrics 1

this is the first of two phone conversations between martin and colin (the band's manager). it was apparently a practical joke that the band played on colin during the final week of recording "young team". (check the "faqs" on the official mogwai website for more information.)

we've got to do something about this.
when do you think you can make it over here? how long?
i can try and get there, er, 25 minutes maybe.
i'll try.
we've got to sort this out.
ok, i'm just gonna go, i'm gonna head off and just, try, try to speak to people 'bout this buter, we've gotta do something!
if we don't take care of this then, i don't, i don't even want to think about it.

lyrics 2

this is the second phone conversation between martin and colin (the band's manager).

hello, hi colin.
it's martin.
hi martin.
erm. i'm sorry tae bother you.
but we've got a bit of a sketch going on here.
erm, well, it pretty hard to explain, but, erm,
tell us then!
erm, we were doing a mix and, erm, stuart and dominic got in a row.
uh huh.
and, erm, stuart was getting a bit stroppy with dominic and it ended up with dominic punching stuart, and walking out.
mmm hmmm.
erm, and said he's not coming back. he's just saying that he's out, or something like that.
er, stuart's away for help. meanwhile i was sitting here.
how's stuart waiting?
stuart's dad came in. (?)
aye, and are john still there?
no he's away with stuart for some reason. to calm him down or something. another bloody sketch man, i don't know what to do? after this thing and tuesday.
right, erm, kinda limited to what i can do, right?
yeah, but me and paul are here totally, we don't know what to do man. me and paul are sitting here and we don't know what to do.
carry on mixing.
this sort of stuff happened before, you know.
it's pretty bad.
it's just a f'king sketch.
it's pretty bad.
erm, well right if you could give stuart a phone. erm, we can sort something out, we'll just work around.
i think dominic's just gone to get wasted.
un huh.
yeah, but i don't know where he went, he just left, just got in the car and went.
ok, well, i'll speak to stuart, but then i'll get him to phone dominic.
right. ok. fine. right. colin well sorry you got down with this tonight.
fine, i'll soon phone you back. (?)
ok no problem.
see you's.
bye, later.