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mogwai @ riverside, newcastle 29/10/1998

Thanks 'grassiman'


  • mogwai fear satan
  • ithica 27-9
  • rollerball
  • xmas steps
  • like herod
  • happiness
  • helicon 1
  • summer

    radio 1 'sound city newcastle' show, with campag velocet and fc kahuna djs. mogwai on stage around 01:20.
    the first five songs were broadcast live on bbc radio 1.

    second show with barry burns.
    first known live performance of 'may nothing but happiness come through your door'

    Thanks Steven

    Melody Maker review, by Daniel Booth

    escape from university leads us back to the riverside for a post-midnight double bill featuring campag velocet (fab!fab!fab!) and mogwai (wank!wank!wank!).

    mogwai must die. soon. horribly. and preferably involving a torture so gut-wrenchingly heinous that nobody would dare to re-enact this neo-shoegazing crime. except we don't know if stuart, pop's answer to ken barlow, is staring at his shoes, because he hasn't faced us yet. eight minutes in - that's eight gruelling, please-amputate-my-ears-with-a-spanner minutes, mind, of 'with portfolio' or 'like herod', no one can tell - and all we've got is a view of his arse. then he turns round, his face a picture of doltish vacancy, and you realise how attractive his arse was. this is a con, a fuzzy, foggy monstrosity, vile amateurishness masquerading as frontier-breaking experimentation.

    at no point does stuart bellow, "neewwwcassssstle! make soommme noizzze!!". at no point do we care.

    nme review